Monday, December 2, 2013

Elliott Wave Theory Indicator

Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory is a popular method of analysis that applies a technical approach with a fundamental analysis interpretation. Elliott Wave Theorists also concentrate on the price action strictly, and agree to the notion that the price is the beginning and end of all analysis, but they recognize that there exists an important relationship between liquidity, credit, and economic robustness which underlies the existing price patterns in the market.
The Wave Theory was first proposed by Ralph Nelson Elliott, an accountant, in the 1930s. Elliott's approach was condensed into its definitive form in his 1938 book  "Nature's Laws - The Secret of the Universe" in 1946. Since then, the theory has been regarded both as pseudo-science, and as an effective method for dealing with the uncertainties of the market. Academics tend to disregard it in general, while some famous trading personalities, such as Robert Prechter, and Paul Tudor Jones claim to have attained success by using it.

The Elliott Wave Theory is based on the cyclical nature of market events. Most traders are familiar with the fact that market events, and economical conditions tend to recur in time with a varying frequency. A growth phase may be exceptionally long, or a recession (and a bear market may surprised to be exceptionally harsh and deep, but the nature of trading and economic activity ensures that sooner or later the existing conditions will revert to the opposite, and the market

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