Friday, January 16, 2015

Daily Free Forecast 16/01/2015

Daily Free Forecast 16/01/2015

SELL: 1.1548 TP: 1.1518 SL: 1.1588
Trading Range:1.1488 to 1.1588

BUY: 116.89 TP: 117.19 SL: 116.49
Trading Range:117.49 to 116.49

SELL: 1.5177 TP: 1.5147 SL: 1.5217
Trading Range:1.5117 to 1.5217

BUY: 0.8489 TP: 0.8519 SL: 0.8449
Trading Range:0.8549 to 0.8449

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