Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Daily Free Forecast 18/02/2015

Daily Free Forecast 18/02/2015
SELL: 1.1376 TP: 1.1346 SL: 1.1416
Trading Range:1.1316 to 1.1416

BUY: 119.14 TP: 119.44 SL: 118.74
Trading Range:119.74 to 118.74

BUY: 1.5421 TP: 1.5451 SL: 1.5381
Trading Range:1.5481 to 1.5381

BUY: 0.9403 TP: 0.9433 SL: 0.9363
Trading Range:0.9463 to 0.9363

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