Sunday, May 3, 2015

Daily Free Forecast .

Daily Free Forecast 

Yes our forecast is free for all .After close our all signal we give free forecast for all .Our forecast make only our Expert tram .Forecast is not a trading signal this is only a idea for next market movement but 80% time forecast Is benefit able for all traders .So forecast is free.

Daily Free Forecast 01/05/2015

BUY: 1.1197 TP: 1.1227 SL: 1.1157
Trading Range:1.1257 to 1.1157

BUY: 120.14 TP: 120.44 SL: 119.74
Trading Range:120.74 to 119.74

SELL: 1.5152 TP: 1.5122 SL: 1.5192
Trading Range:1.5092 to 1.5192

SELL: 0.9334 TP: 0.9304 SL: 0.9374
Trading Range:0.9274 to 0.9374

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