Friday, October 9, 2015

Daily Free Forecast 09/10/2015

Daily Free Forecast 09/10/2015 

SELL: 1.1351 TP: 1.1321 SL: 1.1391
Trading Range:1.1291 to 1.1391

BUY: 120.24 TP: 120.54 SL: 119.84
Trading Range:120.84 to 119.84

SELL: 1.5343 TP: 1.5313 SL: 1.5383
Trading Range:1.5283 to 1.5383

BUY: 0.9597 TP: 0.9627 SL: 0.9557
Trading Range:0.9657 to 0.9557

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