Monday, March 14, 2016

Daily Free Forecast 14/03/2016

Daily Free Forecast 14/03/2016

SELL: 1.1123 TP: 1.1093 SL: 1.1163
Trading Range:1.1063 to 1.1163

BUY: 113.59 TP: 113.89 SL: 113.19
Trading Range:114.19 to 113.19

SELL: 1.4363 TP: 1.4333 SL: 1.4403
Trading Range:1.4303 to 1.4403

BUY: 0.9858 TP: 0.9888 SL: 0.9818
Trading Range:0.9918 to 0.9818

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